Roblox GAME JAM! For those who cannot attend

Hi there, I am Crrustyy, and I wanted to help those who cannot really attend an actual roblox game jam in person. I love seeing other developers learn and work together, so this is the perfect way! I am:

  • Hosting a ROBLOX GAME JAM for those who cannot attend the RDC
  • Looking for professional scripters and builders to apply
  • Looking for people who love teamwork and can easily work together

Now, this may be difficult, as there is not IRL location to attend.
However, we will:

  • Attend a voice call meeting to go over rules and requirements etc…
  • Speak together with any problems/inquires
  • Have fun!
    voice calls will be through discord

You must:

  • Be 16 or over
  • Have 3+ years experience in either role
  • Be able to attend the voice calls
  • Work in teams


  • Minimum of 2 people per team - 1 scripter and 1 builder - maximum of 5
  • Be professional when speaking and applying

Contact me here: to apply!

20 Applicants will be chosen - deadline will be 1st April (hahaha, april fools…) And the contest will begin on the 1st of May!

If you want to apply, email me. Remember to add why you want to apply. More info in an email!

Many thanks for reading!


What will YOU make? :wink:

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