Roblox game not rendering/loading correctly, even if you rejoin


  • My roblox game recently just started to load weirdly where most of the parts wont load, but the particles will, or on the other hand: most of the parts will load but some walls/furniture wont.
  • I’ve tried turning streaming enabled on and off, and looking at older versions, but I can’t figure out what we’re doing wrong
  • These mentioned parts show up in the explorer, but are not visible. They appear sometimes depending on the join, but its never certain.

Here’s the game if you’d like to check it out: [GLOWSTICKS✨] CLUB COMET ☄️ - Roblox

Any help would be extremely appreciated, thank you for reading!


Have the issue been resolved?

if not and the issue only happens in Roblox Player and not Studio, then it might
be an issue with your Roblox Player itself and not the game, check if others are facing
the same issue, if not then try re installing Roblox Player.

I’ve also had my doubts that someone might’ve caused the parts to be deleted or
it’s only in a specific server:

But it looks fine in the other server too:

I hope this has helped.

Not officially, but we’re having less reports of things not loading and glitching out like that, thank you for the response! :slight_smile:

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Fixed! Reduced part count a bit and for some reason it didn’t load weird anymore :slight_smile:

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