Roblox game sorts are incredibly unreliable, inaccurate and unfair

It has recently come to my attention that roblox is incorrectly promoting games in their respective sorts in perhaps the most valuable platform for games attract new users, the games page.

This has recently come to my attention, and to an extent, my severe annoyance that for many weeks our game Lifting titans has only been featured on the Up and coming sort, despite boating a oscillating 95% - 96% like ratio and consistent player counts of 6,000 - 10,000. Both of which easily surpass other games on their respective sorts.

Now, for any bug you need proof that this isn’t simply me underestimating the requirements / missing some hidden details, therefor for a few days I have used another game of a similar genre as a comparison for how they are being promoted on the games page.

Here is an image taken at ~3:10 pm [GMT + 1] of their game on all three sorts:

And here is the figures for our game at the same time:

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 15.20.59

Ive compared all visible statistics on both games, including thumbnail count (since I know this has previously effected some sorts) and in every area I can see we are either equal to or surpassing their statistics.

If you wish to validate this here is a link to their game: Tapping gods

In my conclusion I would like to state that I have full respect for our competitor’s game and that the point of this post was to compare and not to critique. However the issue remains that it is increasingly hard to grow when roblox algorithms are not promoting your game as one might expect given the category names.


The new sorting system makes such little sense, the old one of just having the most popular games, most liked games and such made so much more sense. I think the idea behind it is to get people to try and play games they wouldn’t usually. Since for a lot of the past few years the same five games have dominated (for the most part). But it was so incredibly poorly executed. I will say the reason they might show up on top rated is that that’s like to dislike in the past few days.

I’ve also recently noticed that the different sorts are quite disjointed and pay little respect to a game’s statistics (unless other data exists which I cannot view). Generally, you expect the “top” game to be on the far left, where the sort begins, so the sort should display games based on objective game statistics.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately this is not a bug. If a bug does occur with the sorts, please feel free to file another bug report. How to post a Bug Report


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