Roblox games and copyright


I’m looking for audios for my game and looking at games like, NEXUS R6 Dances. So the question is, knowing that using copyrighted audios on Roblox is a big deal, how do these types of games not get copyrighted for the audios that they use that would normally get taken down from Roblox and get warned.

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Games like Ro-Beats and the game you linked don’t use copyrighted audio. Somebody remixed it to sound similar to the original which is fair use in some cases.

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Yes, but some of the songs even contain the lyrics in the original audios. Such as “Fly Dance” and “Pop and Lock”

They don’t get taken down, because I doubt the copyright holder knows its being used. It could possibly get taken down if the copyright holder sends a DMCA take down request.

Well usually, whenever I try to upload anything that’s remotely close to the actual audio it gets banned within 5-10 minutes.

Depends on the admin that’s reviewing the audio.

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