Roblox Games That You Should Try: September 2018

Hey everyone! I’m here today to share with you some of my favorite games from this month- old and new- that are definitely worth looking into! The reason that I’m doing this is because I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends haven’t played or tried any new games in a while and are becoming bored of Roblox- this should change it! But enough chitter-chatter. Let’s get started!


For the first slot on my list, I’m going to reference Temple Thieves by my friend Frinigus. He made the project over the summer for his Accelerator Project and, if you haven’t already picked it up and started playing it, I completely encourage that you do!


In the #9 slot, we have Reversed_Polarity’s game Town and Country. This game, although not revolutionary, is a cute, fun exploration game similar to Animal Crossing. The animations and unique character models along with the fun minigames that come up when, for example, you cut gems, makes the game even more likeable and enjoyable. Definitelly check it out!


Survivor by GodzGalaxy and Repotted is one of those games that is the perfect thing to play for a gamenight or just when you’re hanging out with your friends. Through alliances and rivalries, it challenges all of the players to be the best- or at least the second worst- to try and win it all. Check it out!


A story-based game by the Captain himself?!? Ramona is a platformer game based around the player’s quest to make the bad dreams st0oOo0P1!! Worth a play! Check it out!


In sixth place for September, we have something that I expect to blow up and be one of the biggest games of October. Darkenmoor is a horror survival game around the concept of surviving the night in a haunted mansion! Spooky!


A parody of Wario Ware, RBLXWare is a wacky and crazy fun kind of game that challenges the player’s expectations and makes them think fast! I love it and six out of seven doctors do too (probably)!


Kiddie’s Towers of Hell is the best Roblox platforming game that’s been on the site in possibly its whole history. It utilizes the old, classic building style and tasks the player with beating 10 floors of super hard obstacles without falling. As someone who plays this consistently I have to tell you one thing: if you aren’t playing this you’re missing out because everyone- yes, everyone- who is in the know is playing this.


Stealing the #3 spot, we have Fantastic Frontier. With a new update coming after a long wait, this game is regaining its famous popularity. If you haven’t gotten around to getting magic or a ranged weapon, I highly encourage you do so before we all continue to the Otherworld.


Althought Super Bomb Survival by Polyhex hasn’t received an update in a New York minute, it is so worth playing! I’ve loved this game since I was a kid and recommend it full-heartedly to all new Roblox players and for anyone looking to play with a group of friends (it’s better that way)


Leading the list for the month of September of 2018, we have Entry Point and OH MY GOODNESS IS THIS FUN! With the killhouse’s inclusion of weapon loadout customization and its unique strategies formed through stat placement, it has hours of fun just waiting to be unpacked! Play it. Play it NOW!

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to nominate a game for October, please shoot me a message here, on the devforum, or on discord (LuckyTux#1946)! Have a nice day!


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