Roblox Genre's/Categories disappeared

I am not sure if this was removed from the games pages for some odd reason but the Categories to pick the genre of your game when browsing what I want to play on ROBLOX has disappeared. There isn’t much to explain but it’s been gone for about 3 days.


It is happening to you, and it is a Roblox update.

Not a bug (unfortunately?)

Why would ROBLOX get rid of this feature? It makes it pretty much impossible for smaller games to get noticed unless you scroll down 300 miles to find a game with 5-10 players.


Not sure - but they were a bit irrelevant anyway.

Either way - not much has changed, at least in my experience. A better way to discover games would be nice lol

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Duplicate of this thread. See staff response inside. Please make sure to use the search feature to check for existing threads:

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Alright thank you

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