Just finished a commission! Looking for things I can improve on or try.

Let me know! (:


Looks great! For me the text font fits perfectly, the background aswell… Nice job!


As for me looks great! U did great work! Most of all I like style in what it done! Gj!


This logo is really nice, It looks perfect for the theme, and professionally done, I cant think of anything you could improve, very good work, the background matches the character, the font is perfect, and the colours are ideal. you should be proud, good luck in the future, continue to improve,

Good job.

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It look good , I really like the world in the GFX logo keep up!

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For me, it looks great! Good job. :slight_smile:

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Really nice piece! Did you draw this or you used the traditional GFX software?

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I love the first one. Great job!

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I use c4d for the render and for the rest photoshop! I use a ton of different brushes though!

Fantastic Logo Grear work :wink:

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It is a bit hard to see the text.

Edit: sorry I didn’t realise this was made 2 days ago

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