Roblox Gfx Murder Mystery 2 by YandelRoblox

Roblox Gfx Murder Mystery 2 by YandelRoblox!

Hello, here I have another creation about murder mystery 2 I hope you like it.

Can you tell me how I can improve this GFX. Thank you


you can improve posing, lighting, and the set. and character desin. first of all, one of the guys has no shows, they all practically have their eyes closed whcih would be unideal but whatever, the penguins are floating, yellow dude’s torso, arm, and leg posing is weird and the head is bent in an unnatural way, i can see a gun or whatever i the back, and the set position could be somewhere better


Yeah I will be practicing. Thank you so much

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The guy on the far left has a bit of a weird pose but it looks nice!