Roblox Github commit not understandable

I’m trying to commit my project to github which is a part of understanding how to create an advanced roblox game setup(video).

The problem is what I’m seeing in the video is different from what I’m getting and in the terminal I am stuck on something I can enter on, its asking me to enter the commit message but I can’t enter because it just forces me onto the next line.

sleitnick put in the terminal: “git commit -m First Message”, while I did “git commit”(alone), and ran into this issue.

Ok, well at 12:36 I fixed the issue. By freezing I’m still stuck but considering I might have to do this alone I’ll just post this as solution.

You have opened something called “vim”, which is a text editor which runs inside your terminal (similar to notepad). There is a common joke where programmers accidentally open vim and fail to exit it.

Simply press escape and start typing :q! on your keyboard to exit it.

Using -m [commit message] syntax is called the non-interactive commit mode. By default if you give git commit no arguments it opens interactive mode in a text editor. You can press i on your keyboard and start typing a commit on the first line, the press escape and start typing :wq to make the commit.

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