Roblox Group Clothing API

:wave: Heyo! My name is Luke and I’m currently looking for ways to get all the clothing on the Store page of a group for my Homestore via a proxy API.

My intentions are to get all the clothing pieces, add them into a table and index for their shirt/pant template ID, and loop through workspace to change mannequin IDs.

Thanks, everyone

Replace 5678567 with your group id. Use nextPageCursor to get the next page. The rest is up to you.

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You can’t access a Roblox API from the game itself. You’d need a proxy API or it’d simply block your request to the API.

However, is there a way to scroll through pages until all clothing of the group available has been found?

Correct, there are many posts on how to host your own proxy and some freely avaliable to use already (

This is why I said “Use nextPageCursor to get the next page”. Here’s an example:



If you find that you end up wanting to make some kind of web scraper, you can copy some of the code I wrote awhile ago if you want. When I saw this post I decided to upload a python web app that uses webscraping to get a specific user’s total sales that I had laying around. In order to do this, it has to go through all the groups that the player has publishing permissions in and checks the group uploads for items that they uploaded. Just so you know though, this is not scalable because of the massive amount of requests it would require for a larger number of players.

[EDIT]: I removed the link because it doesn’t work anymore since clothing sales are no longer publicly available.

Yes, however, how can I check once all the clothing of the group has been found and you cannot go to the next page.

when nextPageCursor is null then you reached the end (last page).