Roblox Group logo Pirates and Sailors

Hi, I’m sending you another piece of my work that I did recently. You can also write me what I could improve further. Cya later (I know its similar to last one)


not bad however one thing I would change is skulls I don’t think that blocky skulls are the way to go for a round art style.

It looks like it’s a good foundation, I always try and give feedback when responding- my largest recommendation would be to rework the text at the bottom, as well as the background.

Overall the piece is really creative and neat, however it doesn’t blend together very well. Attempting to create two figures to make a whole is often times really difficult, and ways you can make it work better include setting the scene.

For example, have your split “personalities” (Pirate & Sailor) not just be correlated to the character in front, but also the background; then have your text be the neutralizer between the two. You could also do a line that’s angled, to give it that extra spash.

Here’s an example;

The lightning adds a central element that splits the page, lighting up the face of a pirate; but also a sailor. Your lightning is striking the text to give it a neutralizer; the character then comes out of the text as a good breaking point. That’s merely my take on it.

Overall this is a really neat and creative design, I would be satisfied if I were given this via commission, etc…