Roblox Group Name Bypass Bug

Hello, I have come here today to report a bug that really made me feel absolutely devastated.

  • Why this even happened is beyond my knowledge I really hope a Roblox employee or someone of power can do something about it.

So basically the bug is on Roblox groups and it has to do with the group names system, so let me explain in full detail:

  • For example, you make a group named Clothing and pretend you were to change the name to something else then obviously if someone tried to take the name “Clothing” on the create group page it would say error as the name was in use too recently.

  • HOWEVER, if someone were to use the name “༺Clothing༻” with those symbols it WOULD let them take BOTH that name with the symbols and the real “Clothing” name BEFORE “the name was in use too recently” error expires in 90 days.

  • I learned this the hard way when I wanted to get rid of the past group names tab on my group named “Cats” as the group had the past group name of “cats” with a lowercase and I wanted it gone so I thought that I could change the name to something else, wait 90 days, and snipe it on the exact day and time the “name was in use too recently” timer is up (90 days) with a brand new group thus removing “past group names” from the description.

  • I was partly right except for the fact that you can literally BYPASS that error if you were to use certain symbols to trick it and it lets you take BOTH the real one and the name you chose.

  • Of course, some random girl with a y2k avatar decides to take it with symbols and it makes Roblox think she also took the real Cats group thus blocking me from taking back what was rightfully mine.

  • Now I’m stuck here and I have no other options and I’m completely torn that I lose my group to a bug.

  • I either want the bug fixed and the timer to go back to what it was on Cats or to be given the group named Cats immediately when you fix the bug literally anything for my group back.

Roblox API of the errors/request numbers it should say if you create a group:

13: The name is invalid.
15: The group icon is invalid.
16: The group icon is missing from the request.
18: The description is too long.
19: The name is too long.
20: The name has been taken.
0: Authorization has been denied for this request.
0: Token Validation Failed
10: User must have builders club membership.
11: User is in maximum number of groups.
12: Insufficient Robux funds.
14: The name is moderated.
37: The name was in use too recently.
0: Unknown error.
17: Too many requests.
21: Group creation is currently disabled.

  • Tested on the API a week or two before she took my group it was error 37 that popped up NOW ITS 20 meaning it thinks that she HAS the “Cats” group when it’s the “༺CATS༻” group. Please fix this.

  • Sorry if I left anything out or said something wrong in this post but I honestly believe this is a bug as the symbols such as “{” or “+” or any symbol on the keyboard that you can take a group name with would NOT have done this but for some symbols it does apparently.

  • If I would’ve known this bug existed I would be in this mess right now.

  • I’m still SO shocked on how it even happened, and I would really appreciate my group name back whatever the cost so please help me. :crying_cat_face:

The group that stole my group name Cats.


This isn’t a bug, unicodes don’t display in the url.


Thank you for the report! We will be investigating this issue.

Would you be able to share the Group you had that was previously named Cats ?


My old group named Cats (Check past group names)

It has 7.2k members, I gave ownership to my brother as I had no use for it anymore.

Short story explaining everything in more context:

I had the group named “cats” with no symbols in the name it had a lot of value to me as when people searched the term “Cats” it was the first group to come up, anyway right, a few months back I changed the name on it from “cats” to “Cats” as it looked non-professional but then arises another issue “past group names” and it said “cats” there and I didn’t like that so my next idea was to change group’s name from “Cats” entirely so I could then snipe it back on a brand new group 90 days later and remove “past group names” so I was right beside the fact you can use certain symbols/unicode to steal the name because of a Roblox bug. Then of course the inevitable happens and someone steals it unknowingly by using unicode, now I’m left here.

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Im aware, the issue is that there are certain unicode that allow you to take a group name when it is in error 37 on the Roblox Groups V1 API.

I know all about group urls; only numbers and letters show however symbols such as “+” or “$” are replaced with a “-” in the link/url. That isn’t the issue.

It’s that someone took my group name “Cats” by using a glitch and I want the name back because when people search Cats it was the first one to come up, i’ma make a video and steps on how to replicate the bug if it don’t get fixed soon.

Try to take the name “Cats” on create groups it will come up with error 20 AKA “Name has been taken” however the group that took Cats is named " ༺CATS༻" with some unknown unicode and it let them steal it.

There is supposed to be a 90 day long cooldown AKA error 37 and that was the case, once that cooldown was over i’d get it back but the unicode ALSO allows you to bypass error 37 like it isn’t even there.

I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear enough in my post that you mistook it for something else than it was.

Hopefully all confusion regarding this bug was cleared. :smiley_cat: :+1:


When do you think this bug will be fixed can I please have a rough time frame?

The bug still hasn’t been fixed 6 days after I’ve posted this and I really want the name Cats back and I don’t know what to do besides wait but I’ve waited with no feedback and I just want reassurance.

I’m sorry if you guy’s are fixing it and I’m being annoying but I would only ask once if you guys tell me a rough time frame I’d wait as long as you need.

Just please can you confirm if I’ll be getting Cats back? I’d like this group to have the name Cats once the issue is fixed or for me to get a new group named Cats.

that’s all I want for compensation, as this issue made me very upset at the time I lost Cats because I saw someone took it when the timer wasn’t even up therefore it shouldn’t have been possible.

I Thank you for reading and please reassure me I’ll get my group name Cats back.

Have a good day!

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Have you tried contacting support in the meantime? Even if it goes nowhere it’s worth a try.

Yes, I will try again now because people kept suggesting me to. I’ll ask for it back with Roblox support.

But they usually will copy and paste a response or something else or just say thank you for reporting we’ll look into it and never do look into it.

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I asked Roblox support to reset the name on “༺CATS༻” so I can take “Cats” back (btw I reported it as a bug on Roblox support before and they didn’t respond) and they just came back with the copy paste message response of:

“Thank you for reporting this concern to us. When another user is breaking the rules on Roblox, please let our moderators know by using the Report Abuse feature on the chat/content that is violating them. When the specific chat, experience, or content is reported, this will send all of the information necessary for them to appropriately moderate the situation.”

I reported it for glitching because the person did glitch it and took the name by bypassing the 90 day timer.

And I told them in the e-mail “The roblox report abuse system did nothing.” but they ignored it and copy pasted this message back.

So honestly, I don’t know what to do but wait.

Also the person that accidentally stole the group don’t even use it at all since it’s creation on August 12th at 11:50 PM and when I asked nicely for it back a few times they blocked me after a while and they speak Turkish so it was already hard contacting them.

So I don’t think there’s a problem if the name got “[ Content Deleted ]” or changed to a different one I don’t think they would care as they just play Roblox games instead of using the group.

Do you have any updates on the situation?

I looked on his profile earlier and he has a group with the symbol I think he is testing it.

Basically what i’ve figured out is there are certain unicodes that the Roblox group name system thinks are “invisible” so like if I tried to take the group named ༺H༺༺༺ELL༺༺O༺ for example Roblox would think its saying HELLO and say HELLO is already taken as I tested yesterday BUT the symbols allow you to bypass that 90 day “name was in use too recently timer” if the name was changed recently as was on Cats so though you couldn’t take Cats for 90 days you COULD take ༺CATS༻ and it would think it’s Cats. So, the glitch is as simple as that I already tested.

Also on another note if it even matters: I made a group before without the symbol, changed the name, then of course it let me take the name by making a new group with the symbol and the name of the old group but anyway I’m still unsure but the I don’t know if the ༺CATS༻ group is acting as a sort of “roadblock” and blocking me from taking Cats even though it is at however much time is left or if the name on ༺CATS༻ was it reset it would reset Cats back to 90 days so yeah if that matters there is that info.

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I want to add a group holder but if I put it a new account group owner the timer on the group name change on this group will go to 90 days so I don’t know if i can as I asked for it to be called Cats once it’s fixed.

But if it has a 90 day timer you cannot change it I think once it’s fixed so can you tell me if this matters or not?

I thank you so much for your help i’m being patient as I believe you will fix it I just want to know if i can add a group holder and you’ll still be able to put the name on the group. Thanks so much!

Hi @ulawz

After reviewing the issue, solving the problem involves a number of systems that have to be updated in order to address the underlying issue, which will take some time. However, in your specific situation, we cannot undo what was already done, nor can we transfer ownership of the other user’s ༺CATS༻ group in order to fulfill your wishes.

I apologize as I know this is not the solution you were hoping for, but rest assured that we are looking into addressing this particular bug to avoid issues like this in the future.


Ok, as long as I am able to take the name “Cats” right when it’s fixed by changing my group name as I should be able to once it’s fixed I’m fine with it. Thank you for your help.

Hello, @ExtemporeOrder

Before this topic closes tomorrow I just want to state this before I can no longer, as i’ve been thinking about it lately:

The group ༺CATS༻ is acting like a “roadblock” for the name of Cats and the name Cats is still on its 90 day timer (i’m not disclosing the time left).

And if this group just got counted as its own independent group instead of the system thinking it’s Cats I could take Cats back that’s all I ask leave the rest up to me just please make the system count ༺CATS༻ as its own independent name because the system think ༺CATS༻ is Cats and it just isn’t fair.

I had it all planned out just for it to be taken just as fast and I would do anything for a time machine to avoid this all I ask is this it’s the least that can be done.

I know your policies don’t allow you to give me someone else’s group or change its name but i’m not asking for that all i’m asking for a fix to a glitch to get my group name back that mean’t so much to me I cried when I found out it got lost to a glitch.

Anything I could do to get it back literally anything just please you’re the only one with the power to do so I wouldn’t know how to thank you if you actually did this I would title you a legend in my nation.

My request:

Make the system count “༺” (U+0F3A) and “༻” (U+0F3B) as characters and not invisible characters.

It could take months as long as progress is being made i’m fine with it, and besides couldn’t you just do these two symbols first then the rest for however long that takes.

I’m trying my best to deal with this and if you could do this one thing for me trust me you won’t regret it i’ll make it up to you somehow.

I thank you greatly for all your effort in helping me through this situation.

I’m praying to God for help with this. :pensive::pray:

flag of Cats “May the Cat Empire live long but Catkind forevermore!” - Ulawz flag of Cats

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