Roblox Guest is Creating Hidden Assets In My Group 24/7

Just looked through my group’s Audit Log. I have no idea what this is, but it seems like it could be a problem…

The list goes on endlessly.


You probably shouldn’t file a bug report if you don’t actually know if it is one? This one’s related to cage mesh technology iirc; there are several modelling technologies that are internally just modified and uploaded assets to the website.

There’s relevant threads to follow up from.


This does seem like a bug. An internal asset being created (that is useless to end developers) is flooding the audit log and pushing out other more relevant developer actions; that seems like something that should be looked at by staff.


All actions taken by the Roblox account in groups are audited from creation of internal assets to currency adjustment (e.g. refunding group currency for any reason including sunsetting a group feature); that’s hardly a bug or unintended feature and this has been the case for a very long time.

It’s better suited as a feature request to hide Roblox actions in groups from the audit log. This is only a lot more prominent now because of how newer technologies, especially those related to meshes, regularly generate new assets for every manipulation of another asset.


I would disagree on this front, I don’t want the audit logs to either show/hide Roblox actions behind a toggle, I could lose important audit logs. I simply just don’t expect an audit log to contain the same message repeatedly (up to 150 times a day), with a link you can’t access and has zero further details… Based on that, I would say it’s probable to be a bug.

This seems to be a completely normal platform to be uploading these assets (them being hidden suggests so too), I don’t need an audit log for every single process run. I do however expect audit logs for changes such as currency refunds and user-noticeable feature changes. But this is really all in the backend, I don’t see the use-case for us having a dead link.


That wasn’t really an “agree or disagree” statement, rather it was related to trying to figure out what OP really wants in the format of a feature request. It doesn’t have to be requested if that’s not what’s really sought, however the outline of “avoiding (repeated) internal audit logs” or a more general “(better) filter(ing for) certain audits” does fall under a feature request.

This is expected behaviour, not a bug. The Roblox account also formerly performed audits related to saving/publishing places until it was changed to show the user who did it, and still in that case each time a new version of an asset is created an audit log will show, which is no different from the behaviour here in creating new cloud assets for each manipulation of an asset.

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Thanks for reporting. We decided to stop logging this asset type to group audit logs as it is for internal use. You will be able to see the change with future creations.


this used to happen every time you unioned a part, too