Roblox gui that shows computer screen in realtime

I wasnt talking about vscode… I was talking about the thing i made, guess i replied to the wrong person. I agree with you, vscode is very well made :sob:

bro that’s some drip keyboard, I only have the normal computers

oh so uh, it turns out that I already have everything I needed to make a video player. It was right there.

I had multiple videos turned into seperate Json files filled with RGB arrays stored within github. Then i thought, hmm thats interesting. Then thats when the idea came in, I can use my github repository to send in jsons of each array and turn it into strings! Then compress the strings with LZW compression (Due to large amounts of characters), then store each string in a table or in a folder filled with a list of StringValues. Then, use a image processing system to get each array and last but not least turn it into each frame of a video.


Question doe, I noticed that I can use RichText to import multiple pixels/colors within a text label. But, How can I use RichText to do such thing? I can’t just slap in an array…

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I didn’t know Roblox could interact with localhost, cool! But I’m curious about something, since the py script is posting something to localhost, wouldn’t this work with NodeJS?



Haven’t changed any of the code and I keep getting this error, where did I go wrong.

You may not be hosting the server correctly, that’s probably my only guess. google the error if you need to

Already fixed it, only issue was I forgot the template folder and index.html

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I optimized the code to allow me to reuse the last pixels. I started getting about 3-5 fps on 200X100. Using lazy loading and lazy clearing for when I join and leave to prevent crashing.

Trying to learn python so I can compress the data when sending it over and uncompressed it on roblox’s side.