Roblox gui that shows computer screen in realtime

Write ‘sudo’ before the command where you run the program and then enter your password. It will run the code as root and you should not get Access Denied errors.

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i dont really understand by sudo with what

My bad, I meant in the terminal run “sudo python3” or if that doesn’t work try “sudo python” in the terminal. You can do this by right clicking on the folder that the python file is in and clicking Open in command line, or open in terminal, something along those lines and then run the comman from there.

sudo is for macos and Linux

But if you are on windows try:

Right click → Run as administrator

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I don’t think you can do 320p because there is a hard limit where the gui would stop rendering(Am I the first to discover this limit of 80k something frames)

No, I tried with frames too at first but it was too good to be true. I have also done the same project and achieved around 40 fps on 256x144 display. You could also take a look at this project. From what I see they have achieved HD resolution but very low fps of course. Screen sharing in Roblox

Edit: I use the CanvasDraw module by @Ethanthegrand14: CanvasDraw - A powerful pixel-based graphics engine (Draw pixels, lines, triangles, read PNG image data, and much more!)

I do have a idea though to actually have a refreshing screen
the parts get premade
then the screen can loop through folders and change the color of the part
to something else