Roblox Hajime No Ippo Animation

Hajime No Ippo Roblox Animation

Forgot to show this on DevForum because I basically never use it.

Ippo Becomes Champion

Feedback’s definitely appreciated (animation and vfx related), I still do see some flaws but it’d be nice if others named some I haven’t noticed yet, still tryna get better yk

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Impressive, it’s well made
Personally i think some of the clips coul’ve been even cooler if sped up a little bit but other then that i think its sick so good job!

The animation’s a recreation of this clip so couldn’t do much about speeding it up

Sendo V Ippo

Ohhh, i haven’t seen the original clip

My god… How. Do. You. Get this talent
Also what program do you use for animating

Impressive, 3 months was worth it, enjoyable to watch

Sorry for the late response but I use Blender for the animations and Moon Animator to add in all the effects

Woah this is really good, how long did it take to make?