Roblox Help Pages on reporting violations should cover Reporting Users outside of experiences

As a developer, I sometimes have players wishing to report other players in my experience for Roblox rule violations, e.g. exploiting, and often with ample evidence through screenshots and screen recordings. When this happens, I direct them to the relevant Roblox Help page “How to Report Rule Violations”.

This way they can make a report through the proper channels and for the Roblox moderation team to take action.

I noticed that there is a section on “Reporting a user in-experience”. And there is a section “Reporting violations outside of experiences” covering reporting of user generated content and users through webchat. However, there is no mention of specifically reporting a user outside of experiences, as shown below.

I find a lot of the players will have immediately left the experience right after taking evidence and note of violating user, because it is unfun to stay in the same server with someone who is actively breaking Roblox rules. As such, they will need help on how to make the report from outside the experience.

If this was addressed and included in the Roblox help pages, I believe it would not only help me, but other individuals who visit the roblox help page seeking help on how to report malicious users on Roblox.


I understand this type of report may lack the meta information that in-experience user reports may provide (e.g. specific session ID → chat logs, etc.) and may be of lower quality. However, as a developer, it really sucks when a user approaches you about a negative experience involving a user who is clearly violating Roblox rules, with screen recordings and screenshots of violations and with blatant admission of guilt from the other user in the chat.

And when you ask why they didn’t report to Roblox in-game before they left, they say they didn’t know how to or that they believe Roblox moderation doesn’t/won’t do anything.