Roblox High School 2 - 9/29 Update Notes

  • New food delivery job at Sunblox Cafe!

  • Jobs, School, Stars, and Login Bonuses now award Credits at a much higher rate!

  • Updated Bloxster Motorcycle, Hyperbike, and new Bicycle!

  • New mall store by OkayishVix & OkayishJei!

  • Added new settings [Options > Change Settings > YouTube Settings] to hide certain screen elements while recording videos

And a few other tweaks:

  • Click on a player to see their current School Club - you can join their club if it’s open, or you can invite them to your own club if they’re not in one yet

  • New menu [Social > My Stats] lets you see your own Karma and Playtime stats

  • Fixed the in-game Friends menu (hopefully) - you should be able to teleport to friends who are in your current server, and join friends who are in another RHS2 server

  • Fixed some issues with certain gamepass purchases not being registered immediately

  • Added [Avatar > Sit] button (you’re welcome, Dexter)

  • Other minor bug fixes/adjustments


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