Roblox High School: Fan Club - Group Info

Welcome to the Roblox High School Fan Club!

This is the official community for all fans of Roblox High School 2, or the original Roblox High School! We’re glad to have you here.

This post has plenty of important info about RHS2 and this group - click on one of the links to find what you’re looking for!

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  • Join our Community Server! (In the Social Media Links under the game or group)

Join the group here:

Play Roblox High School 2 here:

You can also play the original Roblox High School here.
(:exclamation:Note: This is an old, legacy version of the game which has many bugs and broken features. Roblox High School 2 is the updated version of the game with lots of new features, new items, and bug fixes!)

Group Ranks

You can receive a rank in the RHS Fan Club based on how much playtime you have in the game! Having a rank also allows you to make posts in the group.

The group ranks are automatically awarded by a bot inside of the game. Please do not message me or the mods for a rank, as we cannot manually change your rank. Follow the steps below to receive a rank!

To claim your rank:

  1. Enter Roblox High School 2 while being a member of the RHS Fan Club
  2. Open the Inventory > Free Items tab on the sidebar
  3. Select the Group Ranks button
  4. If you have enough total playtime in the game, you will be able to press the Rank Up button to receive your new rank!

Note that group ranks do not provide any in-game bonuses, they are just for fun!

The RHS2 Team

Here are the people who have worked to make RHS2 as awesome as it is today!

Main Team Members:

  • Cindering [Lead Developer + Programmer]
  • MorphoPeleides [Map Builder]
  • dayzeedog [Furniture Builder]
  • theloudscream [UI Designer & Artist]
  • ilyannna [Map Builder & 3D Modeler]
  • presssssure [Programmer]

Additional Contributors:

  • uCrowspike [Former Map Builder]
  • Archaeic [Former Map Builder]
  • Aesura [Former Artist]
  • Sunnytamos [3D Models]
  • NWSpacek [Vehicles]
  • Director1406 [Music - Main Soundtrack]
  • Sheric [RHS Uniforms]
  • JohanSK0 [Animations]
  • Acecateer [Scripting - Tools]
  • GhettoMilkMan [Scripting]
  • JohnDrinkin [Vehicle Models]
  • guiltywilty [3D Models]


  • Spanish: Dronetto, Ysko
  • French: uCrowspike
  • Brazilian Portuguese: CodingLucas, Deftlock, ItzRamenn
  • German: ChaosPxl & Arimeri
  • Vietnamese: iAdxre37

Special Thanks:

  • Club Red + CD music provided courtesy of APM Music
  • Dance minigame music provided courtesy of Monstercat and their amazing artists
  • Our awesome team of RHS2 Moderators
  • All the fantastic clothing designers in the RHS2 Mall

You: For playing Roblox High School 2!

RHS2 Fanart

[UPDATE 2/25/2023] Fanart submissions have closed now, as the game is now full with hundreds of amazing art pieces submitted by our community members. Thank you to all of the fantastic artists for sharing your creativity and passion with us!

Thanks for joining, we hope you have a great time in our community! ❤️

~ Cindering