Roblox Homepage Redesign

Hiya :wave:

Recently found myself interested in getting more into UI Designing and have been exploring different software and platforms. I used Figma to create a Concept Homepage Redesign.

I aimed to blend my personal style with the Roblox aesthetic. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated!


great but….

the settings icon need to be changed, it’s so old


I would LOVE to wake up to this as my Roblox homepage. This is astounding!


I think it looks too much like the marketplace/developer sections of roblox and does not look like a page for a game. Its too professional imo.

That being said, this is a really amazing design.

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i literally love this. the only changes i’d make would be;

  1. bold the tabs at the top (roblox, discover, marketplace, create)
  2. update the settings icon

as far as positive feedback goes;
i like having recently played without having to scroll at all. easily one of my favorite things about this. on top of this, the ability to see display names & usernames is amazing. 10/10 would recommend

Just thought I’d point out how you accented the Robux icon in comparison to the settings icon cog thing and the profile it feels like a very corporate/roblox/business thing to do and to me fits roblox pretty well :stuck_out_tongue: (I also love the simplicity of the UI even though it still communicates the important information like the current homepage yet still looks better and more modern!)

Thanks for shwoing the like disliek ratio and playetrcouny

I really like the overall layout, but the size of the username, category, and age-rating text is way too small.

I’m also curious about why you included the words “Quick Play” for the play button. I don’t see that as very good UX, as it may confuse users. It had me questioning what the difference between “Play” and “Quick Play” was. If it’s to market Roblox’s simple join process, I suppose that could be understandable.

When hovering over the game, I think it’s important to tell users how many players are playing, the favorite count, and the like/dislike ratio. This is a major issue the current Roblox website needs to resolve.

Another UX issue I noticed was the “Discover More Experiences” at the bottom. It may be better to either remove it altogether for the sake of separting the function of the Home and Discover pages or including a small preview of the games that are below with a slight fade gradient.

I’m also not a fan of how you slightly tilted the Roblox Premium logo.

I noticed that the game thumbnails are very slightly faded in the background. Try experimenting with the intensity of it. I think it could help you out.

I think you should increase the size and contrast of the profile button in the top left corner to make it more noticeable to users to want to access their profile, as it seems that there is no other way to do so. You could even relocate it beside the Roblox logo or turn it into a text button.

Finally, you may want to consider allowing users to scroll horizontally on the friends list to promote good UX and to maintain consistency with the scrollable games area.


As a programmer, you are my nightmare. This Ui is so beautiful, I would cry after putting in my 70+ hour work week making this.

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This Roblox Homepage Redesign looks great! Nice job on it!

I really like it, but to be completely honest It looks like a nightmare to use on pc. On console and mobile this would be absolutely incredible, but idk, I feel like navigating this with a keyboard and mouse would make me want to pull my hair out.

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