Roblox Hotel Room For Animations (Suggestions what to add)

Hello Robloxians, This is Andy Here, I just made this Hotel for my Animations,


But there’s something missing in the Hotel, I need you guys to give me suggestions of what to add.


its too plain! add a baseboard, dry wall textures, image on tv, something outside the windows, remove weird white stuff, remove gray from clothes, global illumination, better restroom with not wood walls but something like plastic or those things they put on side of swimming pools (that look like squares). and better doors and floor texture, better paintings too. focus on improving everything if possible

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Good Idea, Thanks for your Suggestion

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and also is thaat his suitcase Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 3.21.48 PM or what it looks weird and big

This thing is a mini fridge

i found this model

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will there be a dining area because there isn’t a kitchen

I’m Afraid Not, I’m not going to add the kitchen because it’s a hotel room :frowning:

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Also: The TV, I’m not going to add Images because I’m about to add a video on a TV by doing post-production

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