Roblox Hunger Games— What do you wanna see?

It’s pretty much a yearly tradition that I work on my passion project: A Roblox Hunger Games

I’ve failed for a little over 3 years now. I usually just make the game how I see fit and obviously that fails. That’s why I want YOUR feedback! What do you want to see in a Roblox Hunger Games? How would you keep it balanced?

Personally, I want the game to function similarly to the Minecraft Hunger Games of long ago. Players get random items via chests. There will be random disasters every few minutes. There will be teams and traitors. You can trust nobody.

Help would be appreciated. I really don’t wanna remake this game for what I believe is the 5th time.

You can click the links for some details on how I have set this concept up in the past…


Die of starve thing, armors and acid rain event

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*What I would want to see is a good lobby to really showcase the game it self.
*What I would also like to see is gun that are not OP and knifes and swords and bows
To keep it balanced try making stuff you would see in a hunger game.
I would like to hear some music as well that fits the game (in the lobby or in-game as well)
Edit: I would also like to see a story build up as well because, I think it be great to see how it all started.


Absolutely. Nobody likes a lame lobby.

I’m really taking the weapons stuff to heart this time. All my past weapons sucked. I want every weapon to do the same amount of damage, but have different capabilities.

A story mode would be in the realm of possibility, but not initially. Thanks


Have you played my past iterations before? Lol

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I mean that’s a good idea but that’s over doing it… if someone made a hunger game and made it like a mini-game type game then ya this would work… but for this type of game that won’t work. Not everything needs to have events that are just random.

While it may sound harsh, what I would want to see is you choose a different project. Normally, it would be for a legal reason, but there is another. To start, the “elephant in the room” is you don’t have legal rights to the Hunger Games brand, and I believe that the copyright holder has filed a DMCA against Roblox, meaning any Hunger Games based games will get deleted, your account will get banned, and you may be ineligible for DevEx for a period of time. Any games you see about Hunger Games are against the rule as well and can be taken down at any time. If someone else is doing it, don’t assume you can get away with it.

The other reason is specific to the Hunger Games concept as a game. Unless you have matchmaking systems (very complicated on Roblox right now, but may get addressed later this year), you will probably use same system of having a lobby of spectators until the round ends. If you have seen previous Roblox Hunger Games or Minecraft Gameplay of Hunger Games, you will see that rounds can take a long time. Players don’t want to wait up to 30 minutes just to play a round and get killed in 3 minutes, and will just leave and dislike the game. If you are going to make a game with the goal to get a good player base, please choose a different game concept.


When I refer to “Hunger Games”, I’m specifically talking about the genre. I would never infringe upon someone else’s legal property; in fact I highly discourage such practice. I’m not that stupid (although to be fair, I definitely come off like it).

I have thoroughly thought about this. I’m certain it killed my older attempts. Seeing how I have seen other battle royale games on Roblox do well with it, I would absolutely implement matchmaking.

Your brutal honesty is appreciated because that exact thought enters my head whenever I run back to this idea. But at the end of the day, I have a dream, man. I won’t ever be satisfied until I somehow get this right.

That was kind of the point of this thread. How could I take this concept of a battle royale and make it into something people want to play?

Thank you for your input.

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It’s worked before, I’m sure it could work again :wink:

Also I’m pretty sure OP is asking for feedback on the Hunger Games play style, if you click on the game they link in their previous post, you can see it isn’t called The Hunger Games.

EDIT: I think a good way to keep players engaged is to teleport them off into rounds, rather than have them wait in a Lobby. In terms of balance, all players need to be on an equal playing field. This can make progression difficult, but with some clever thinking (such as raising one stat by lowering another) i’m sure it could be countered.

The common saying is that you can’t copyright an idea, only a style.
Although it’s good to stray a bit from the original, which will bring in a new style.

I used to play Minecraft Survival Games back in the old days - it was probably the most enjoyable game for me to play at the time. Turned me away from Roblox, in fact. And to be honest, I’ve been secretly hoping that someone comes along and brings Roblox Survival Games.

I have seen some previous iterations before (not just yours), and they were a little disappointing (as many here have mentioned, so I’ll save the repetition). Needless to say, the Roblox community doesn’t really value your game to get it noticed enough. I mean, I had to search for Roblox Hunger Games to find what I was looking for - most people here just get drawn in by front page or otherwise.

But I do have some ideas. Some people have mentioned that the game naturally takes too long - and sure, MCSG took almost 20 minutes sometimes, but that has been shortened in new servers. I personally like the long version, and I believe adding different lobbies - 24 players, 48 players, etc… and accounting for time preference - 10 min, 20 min, etc… will help ease the player base in by being flexible.

You already mentioned that weapons are going to be improved (and balanced), so I’m excited for that. I would just hope that there will be some variety, but not so much that it is confusing. Sometimes adding tiers of weapons helps the game be more competitive, and allows for people to feel like they have outplay-potential. But that’s just a personal opinion.

Anyways, I hope this helps.

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Matchmaking systems like this is the only practical way to make it work without killing off the fan-base that don’t want to wait more than a few minutes to play. You could do it a local-scale like Ultimate Boxing did (open source subsystem coming later this year), or use teleporting to achieve more player mixing. It is complicated to set up on Roblox right now since you can’t make 1 server control the state of matchmaking, and you would ideally factor in other things like making sure friends play together to make it more fun for them and keep them playing longer.

This would help people who prefer shorter player sessions, like those on mobile who might be playing for 15 minutes on a bus ride to school or something similar to that. The theoretical map may need to be scaled down, but this should be tested before actually committing to.

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This is probably the perfect topic for me because I actually made a decent Hunger Games game.
It has 24k Visits and the like/Dislike Ratio is 50% roundabout. Hunger Games games are “sadly” not very promising in terms of Playercount as new players dont understand the game instantly or join the game when a round is ongoing.

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This has killed literally every game I’ve worked on (solo). FWIW, I have learned that it’s VERY important to ask for people’s input as you develop the game. You can learn what players expect from it and then meet those expectations.

Thanks for the help, and good luck with your project!


I’d really love a game like that, for a good game it’s better to add good graphics animated nature and eventually animals that will give food that can poison if not cooked, a little complicated but a really cool game, i really love the books and the films of Hunger Games.

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But yes how they said these type of game aren’t so popular, but for letting people enter as well you can try let it be good with cool animations and effects.

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I’d love to see a “battle royale” with primitive weapons like spears (if possible), bows, crossbows, rocks all things like that.

And a good map that isn’t generic such as a city that is in ruins that maybe leads into a jungle then maybe another type of environment.

I’d love to see this game if you make it!

I just saw your thing about teams and traitors I think if its pulled off well then that would be a great addition as it adds a fresh feeling to the already generic genre that is “battle royale” or whatever you want to call it.