Roblox Image Generator

I made a working roblox image generator, using EditableImage and a server for handling the generation. Would like to hear your opinion


Image Generation on Roblox is insane, very impressive!
But how does Roblox feel about it?

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Since EditableImage is a beta feature, it cannot be used outside of roblox studio. You can use roblox’s asset API to upload images, but that will add 3-5 minutes of moderation check on top before images can be displayed

This Roblox Image Generator is very impressive and cool! Great job on it! How long did it take for you to create it all?

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This is pretty cool, and I can tell it took quite a bit of effort, but I do have some feedback…

If you do plan to release that you need to make sure that it’s fully moderated, elseif Roblox moderation will probably take down the game and your account. And with AI it’s pretty easy to trick into doing the wrong stuff with even the most subtle words. So be careful, but nice work!

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After factoring in Copyright issues and roblox ToS I seriously doubt that this can be something that you can release to the general public on Roblox.

As I have stated previously, EditableImage, which is used here to display images is a beta feature, and is exclusive to the studio. Nevertheless thank you for your feedback!

Yes, I do realize and I did read that, though I was just informing you that should EditableImage come out of the Beta Features and made public, I would strongly warn that you create a system to moderate it if for some reason you do want to release it.

I understand your concern. The pipeline used for generating images includes a safety checker to filter possible unsafe content.

How did you make this?!? This is amazing!!

Thank you! I made a server that would generate images with python deep learning libraries and then send encoded pixel data back to roblox. Then pixels would be decoded into normalized RGBA and fed to EditableImage’s :WritePixels function.

That’s smart, do you think you will ever release the source code to it?