Roblox inconsistently launches games on my account

What’s happening
Any time I go to a game page on the Roblox website while I’m logged into this account.
And I click the play button 1 of 3 things happens.

About 90% of the time the Roblox player just does not open no matter how long i wait.
And about 9% of the time Roblox WILL open but there is no joining place screen or anything. It is just pure white and sometimes it says it is not responding but most of the time it does not. And then if it does open it closes itself after about 5 seconds. With no crash message.
And finally about 1% of the time it will actually let me join a game.

I have tried reinstalling Roblox and Restarting my computer as well as resetting my router and it doesn’t help.
The only thing that will get Roblox to launch is by logging into my alt account. And then Roblox launches and plays normally.

I just tested it now and it opened. White screen. Waited a few seconds and then it closes.
This is the log file associated with that test.
0.573.0.5730507_20230502T215533Z_Player_AC17E_last.log (16.9 KB)

Additional info

The issue started happening around 4/27/2023 and I have reason to believe this has something to do with the anti-cheat update that is being rolled out but of course I may be wrong.

I do not use shaders or fps unlockers which are things iv heard the anti cheat sometimes perceives as hacking.

Image of the white screen before it closes itself

My browser information:

User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36 OPR/
Platform Type: PC
Device Type: Computer

And that is all! I hope this issue is fixed soon!

Page URL: All game pages.


Thanks for the report. We filed a ticket to our internal database.


Hello Booger,

We have just released a new version of the client (0.574). Could you please confirm whether you are still experiencing the same issues? If so, kindly send us the corresponding log file (the log file name should start with 0.574) and, in case you are experiencing crashes, please provide us with the crash dump as well.

Thank you for your cooperation.


I Tested it 3 times and it seemed to work all 3 times!
But its probably worth noting a couple minutes before I saw your reply and i did these tests it did not work? But it seems to be working now.

  1. 0.574.0.5740446_20230504T015708Z_Player_38063_last.log (25.9 KB)
  2. 0.574.0.5740446_20230504T015921Z_Player_6EE62_last.log (19.6 KB)
  3. 0.574.0.5740446_20230504T020105Z_Player_8E9CB_last.log (452.5 KB)

Here are the logs from those tests.

Hello booger,

We are glad to hear that the issue you reported has been resolved. Please ensure that you are not encountering any further problems on the latest patched client (version 0.574.1). If everything is working correctly, we will go ahead and close the ticket.

It seems everything is working good on 0.574.1 so hooray!! Thank you!

Thank you for your confirmation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if new issues surface.


Hi, I am also observing the white screen issue. Is there any way I can fix it or how do I share any log report so you can look into a fix for it?

I have reinstalled the web client many a times but it does not work. It just loads a white screen but I can hear the game music and sound effect however the same white screen as shown by the original poster of this bug.

Hello Manvirarts,

We are actively working on the issue, but so far reproducing it in-house has been difficult, and the exact root cause has eluded us. Having said that, please try increasing the GDI handles as described here and let us know if anything changes.

Hi Bitdancer,

Thanks for your response. However, this unfortunately didn’t work for me. In the meanwhile, I found a fix for Windows 11 on YouTube which suggested to turn ON Optimizations for windowed games.
This option is available in settings via System>Display>Graphics>Default graphics settings.

This worked for me and maybe it can help you with some analysis on your end.

Thanks a lot, Manvirarts. I’m going to pass your information on to the UI team in hopes that it gets them a bit closer to a solution.

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