Roblox games load for about 3 seconds then instantly crash

Been having issues with Roblox ever since the 64-bit version rolled out, the worst probably being that the client wouldn’t even open. Also, I am very frustrated for having to wait about two-and-a-half weeks for my devforum account to finally be promoted to where I could post.

Without getting to posting logs or crash dumps or repos, I just want to say I just made a massive breakthrough by pure happenstance. For some reason, the Roblox client would open and almost instantly close on my main user account, but switching to a different Windows user, I was able to open it and play games (albeit with some other issues). This issue for me seems to be directly related to the “VIA HD Audio Deck” program.

  • With the program active, the Roblox client closes almost immediately after opening.
  • With the program closed, the Roblox client opens and otherwise seems to behave normally.
  • With the Roblox client open and the program closed, opening VIA HD Audio Deck and then switching to the Roblox client causes the Roblox client to close.

I’ve been having a similar issue and therefore cannot acquire any crash dumps. Once the player opens, it immediately closes. I have tried closing all other applications to no avail. I also tried the disk cleanup method and that did nothing either. Furthermore, there’s nothing of value in the player logs.
This issue has been going on for many days at this point and it’s very annoying.


Hey, Just a quick reply noting that i forgot to configure it to do a full dump, So i have and i have let it crash and make a full-size 1gb crash dump (avaliable from the same dm link)
Hopefully this helps and I wish the team the best!

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I sent a message to the Bug-Support team like 4 days ago which goes into detail about this issue, but it’s gone unanswered even until now.

Any chance you could tell them to try and look for my message when they’re able to? There’s images of error messages, detailed findings and a memory dump that should help them aswell.

Not really sure why there’s inactvity, but hopefully someone can read it soon enough.


Roblox Player updated and the issue is now completely fixed, so just discard this.


With 577, I’m still experiencing a behavior where, after having the Roblox client open for hours, minimizing it to look at another window, and then trying to maximize it again later sometimes causes it to silently crash. Produces no crash dump, no Windows error, nothing of note in the log file.

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Hello 10xTheFoxy,

Analyzing the crash dump you provided, it appears that you are facing the same issue as @AbstractAlex. The root cause of the unrecoverable error is a failure in the Windows API call CreateDIBSection(). This failure should not occur since a process is normally allowed to create up to 10,000 GDI handles.

To gather additional information about this unusual issue, could you please:

  1. Set the registry value Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\GDIProcessHandleQuota to 64000.
  2. Reboot your system.
  3. Test if the issue persists after implementing this change.

Hi, I am going to PM you my latest roblox logfile text. It is different than the one I sent before


Hello ByteDancer,
After changing the GDIProcessHandleQuota From 2700 to 64000 and testing out Roblox, It appears to run for more than 40 minutes without issue.

Thank you for confirming our suspicion that the client is running out of GDI handles. Please keep the setting as a workaround until we find a more appropriate solution on our end.


Thank you so much for the detailed report and analysis, I wish your team the best on fixing this and various other issues!


I started having the crashing issue yesterday. I set the quota to 64000 and it still crashes after rebooting.

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Why am I still being ignored…?

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My client seems to be fixed after this update, but I’m still unsure if I should use a fps unlocker again, even though I won’t get banned for using one

Hello TheAviator01,

The GDIProcessHandleQuota change is a workaround for a very specific issue that a subset of users here on the forum is facing. It is highly likely that the cause of the issues you are experiencing is different. The only way to be sure is if you provide us with an extended crash dump as outlined in Strategy Three here.


A not insignificant percentage of the crash dumps sent to us are from users who are running or have run cheat software.
As per company policy, we do not provide further support upon detecting such software. Unfortunately, we still need to analyze the crash dumps before we can be 100% certain.
This process consumes valuable time and delays processing users with valid issues.
Having said that, users who do send crash dumps indicating the usage of cheat software may face potential repercussions.


Hey Bitdancer, your solution worked well for me! I’ve been testing games and I haven’t gotten a crash since I launched it with my usual applications. I hope this will remain stable for the foreseeable future!

However, when you mentionned to raise up the GDI handles, I looked up with a GDI View application and the highest one is RobloxPlayerApp.exe having 21K GDI handles, why it consumes a LOT of GDI for no reason? This is confusing why a single app uses a lot of GDI handles.


I have never cheated. I don’t even know how. What does that have to do with my issue?

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I attempted to explain why, in your own words, you are still being ignored. You are simply at the end of an unnecessarily long queue of crash dumps to analyze.


Anybody have any bright ideas on where to look to diagnose a silent crash that happens 3-4 hours into playing and doesn’t produce a dump log? I kinda got lucky finding that other program, but this form of crashing just seems to happen at random.

I can’t even load the client itself. Every time I open up the launcher, it crashes. The other day it was fine, but now it doesn’t even work. I have tried reinstalling, opening as administrator, restarting my computer, and updating drivers. I have no idea what to do and I don’t know where I can go for help.