Roblox incorrectly filtering the word of a vegetable across the site, 'potato'

Hello. Since the 1st week of this month, the word ‘potato’, has been incorrectly filtered across the site.

I have attempted to submit incorrect filtering requests to mod review requests and through the survey links in the lounge since the issue began, as I’ve done in the past, however, they have gotten no action or response. This is, obviously incorrect, and preventing me from updating/creating any assets with such words, or using them in chat or elsewhere. If there could be clarification on where these should be sent now, that will actually be read, that would be appreciated.

I was advised by another staff member to open a bug report regarding this at, so I did:

Page URL: <N/A>

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Potato has been unfiltered, just before the month ended (today, the 31th). :pray:

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