Roblox Integration Hub: A better workflow for images, meshes, and other content types on Roblox

Roblox Integration Hub is a desktop app for artists for easier editing and iteration on standard Roblox media types.

Our initial release connects Roblox Studio with Photoshop for seamless, two-way image editing, and Blender integration for mesh editing is coming next.

Supported image editing workflows:

  • Hot-swap images directly in Studio: Hot-swap images directly in Studio

  • Save the Photoshop document as Roblox asset and copy assetID: Save the Photoshop document as Roblox asset and copy assetID

Please share this with your artists and maybe give it a shot yourself!

To try it in action, please download the latest release from GitHub.

Technical Details
The Hub is a desktop app for Windows and Mac that allows Roblox Studio plugins to connect to other applications by exposing a local web server. It’s free from the Studio (or third-party applications) ’ sandbox limitations, which enables complex integrations that might require filesystem access, running native utilities, and so on.

It comes with its own Studio plugin and supports image editing workflows. In the future, the plugin will also support meshes synchronization and other standard Roblox media types.

Contributions and Feedback
Both are very welcome! Please post on this thread or create an issue on GitHub for feature requests and bug reports. For code contributions, please create a Pull Request.


* Installation and user manual

* Latest Release

* Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Thank you!
@PolarBearMxx and @Uglypoe


This is an incredible resource, however, i know modelers who create texture on adobe substance painter, what you though? Could you integrate this to your module ?


Yes, Substance is definitely on our list


Have you considered adding Figma support?


Yes! Actually, the only thing needed is the Figma or Substance plugin; the Studio/Integration Hub parts will just work. I’ve made a proof of concept Figma plugin talking to the locally running Integration Hub a few weeks ago; just need to add the actual image export to finalize it.

If anyone is interested in helping out with these, please let me know.


Surprised this is a free resource.

Looking forward to see what you guys do with this because it can save so much time. I waste hours a month reuploading because I need to see how textures and meshes look when rendered in Roblox.

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As someone that uses Photoshop for UI, this is awesome! It was super easy to set up and saves me time from exporting from PS, uploading to Studio, then changing the asset id in the properties. Nice work and look forward to see this evolve!

Here’s a gif that shows updating a UI image in realtime! (in PS the linked image is on the left and source PSD on the right)
2024-07-08 13.08.35