Roblox is beating around the bush when it comes to opting out of arbitration, or I am not doing something correctly

What I want to achieve: I am trying to opt out of roblox’s arbitration, mentioned in their TOS.

The issue is: I email roblox support (via Support) and I tell them that I am requesting to opt out of their arbitration. The thing is, I get a completely non-related message about some refund thing, and its the same for every type of option (I chose general help, got a message about refunds, then I chose feedback/suggestions, still got a message about refunds, then tried moderation, and I STILL got a message about refunds). What I can take out of this is either 1. I am not choosing the right category for this, or 2: Roblox really does not want me to opt out of arbitration, because of the copy and pasted responses

Solutions I’ve tried: I have tried to directly email roblox support, but it seems that you can only submit them through the Support page. Next, I tried selecting different categories (I didn’t try them all because that would take way too long), but got copy and paste messages related to something completely different, and now I’m here, asking you guys on advice for a simple request that could have been solved if roblox could listen properly.

So, what should I do?