Roblox is down?

Hello! I was recentally playing roblox and the game started bugging out and lagging. I restarted my laptop and roblox website wouldn’t load at all. So is it just lag on my laptop or roblox is down.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong category, Im new to devforum and dont know much about posting and categorization.

I’m pretty sure Roblox is not down, but maybe it hasn’t updated yet.

Of course, it is from Roblox, and it is impossible that it is from your device. I downloaded Roblox on a computer, and my computer is ruined

Mine seems to be working fine.

Checked it from this website aswell. It seems to be a server connection outage. Affecting the website to not function properly, the robux shows ? instead of your amount. Not loading ads. Groups saying “Unable to load”.

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Its a small roblox site issue. Thanks for sharing the website tho.

It is currently working for me (Safari, iOS 16)
Btw hi Healix it’s me workspace

Hi workspace. The issue has been solved.

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