Roblox just doesn't care

About 2 years ago my game got taken down for copyright [For the right reasons], 8 days ago I decided I would contact Roblox’s Moderation Support team about getting the game back up with a re-theme.
Prior to submitting the appeal I removed all copyrighted content including but not limited to: “Badge Icons, Dev-products, Gamepasses, Icons, Thumbnails, and In-game content”.

Seven days pass and I don’t get a response or even an automated email, so I bump the email up in hopes of getting a response. Just about 3 hours ago I got a response about them forwarding my message to a ‘specialist’. Another hour goes by and I get a response from Justin, wait my bad I meant “S. Sharma”.

This time I got a response, however I never mentioned anything about the warning/penalty on my account. I’m extremely annoyed about the response quality, It’s like they never read my original message.

Last time I contacted support they told me I still had copyrighted content in my game but never told me what needed to be removed.

I’m writing this in hopes of Roblox seriously overhauls their moderation. This is a public company and I feel like it’s going downhill.

Also I’m sorry if anything I wrote here sounds rude, I’m just really annoyed with Roblox’s terrible moderation. The fact that millions of players have to deal with this is just sad, and I really hope Roblox fixes this.

This is not the right place to post this.

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