Roblox keeps crashing

I wasn’t sure where to put this.

Roblox player will not. stop. crashing.


When is it crashing? Is it right when it opens, after the updater has finished, once your in game, or randomly when your in game?


I can vouch, it’s so annoying. It’s around 3-7 minutes after you join. In Jailbreak, it’s around when you spawn your car via mobile garage, or type something in chat, or something. I’m glad to see it’s not me.

Attempted fixes: Restart, Reinstall (twice)

None worked.
Edit: (Might have to way for it to finish processing, 42 mins til hd)


Randomly, without warning of any kind

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I tried the exact same stuff. For me it’s crashing in roville


Hello Somebody,

Thank you for contacting us. Please follow Strategy Three as outlined in this post and then send me the resulting crash dump.


It seems resolved after following that.

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Nevermind, it appears now I’m disconnected from the server.

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Update: It still happens.


I’ve sent you the crash dump.


I tried to send the crash dump but it gives me an error. Why is this? (btw I tried to PM Bitdancer the crash dump and the file is about 53,000 KB in size)


I managed to copy the text and send it as code like this

dump file was here in PM

using a dump file reader to copy the contents of the file

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The issue doesn’t seem to be resolved. It crashed once before, and one just now, but the one just now actually showed the roblox crash message.

Any status on the fix?

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