Roblox keeps launching in the background

It’s been a few weeks since this issues has been happening to me, where I would launch Roblox and the window doesn’t show up at all, ending the task and booting it up as admin did somehow works but it doesn’t work anymore.

I looked on the forums and Reddit, I’m not the only one with that issue, so far most people says it’s linked to MSI and/or RTSS, and putting the app level detection to “None” fixes it.

The thing is, I do not have any of MSI and/or RTSS on my computer, what I have is GeForce.

So now I’m kinda out of options… so if anyone have a idea to help me, it would be appreciated.


I also have geforce experience (if thats what you meant)

I dont experience this issue

Do you have insider windows 10? or maybe you updated your windows? let me know because that might explain why this is happening now

Yes I do have Geforce Experience, and I always update my Windows 10 to the lastest update.
I have no clue if updating Windows 10 even affect Roblox.