Roblox keeps making my scripts "Drafts" what the heck!

Hello, for some reason roblox keeps making my scripts drafts whenever I edit it or do changes and stuff. This is really annoying because I am not able to publish my game until I have 0 drafts and also over time drafts get invalidated so if I dont constantly commit my scripts then they get erased
As you can see it gets put into drafts after I edit it drastically.

it doesnt let me publish with drafts.

This is very annoying. it used to not do this. why is it doing this??!


This is something that’s part of the Team Create. It’s meant for individual script editing within teams, so one can commit their changes whenever they’re ready.

If you’re not working in a Team, you can disable Team Create by going to the View ribbon > Team Create, click on the button of the bottom right corner of the widget and disable it.

I am working in a team just they arent a scripter.

In game settings, other, disable Enable Collaborative Editing and drafts will get sent back to the shadow realm where they belong.

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