Roblox keeps rejecting my DevEX?

For some Reason roblox keeps denying my 2 applications so far, and the reason isn’t so highly detailed all i recieve is “Not Eligible”, i believe so i am eligible because i do think i comply with all the devex requirements

–Minimum of 30K Raised:

–Verified Email Adress:

–Valid Devex Portal account:

(First time applying)
–13 Years of age or older:
– Community member in good standing, having complied with Roblox’s Terms of Use
Only time was i just got banned once for 1 day, no warnings no other problems, just a simple 1 day ban.

All the robux that was earned comes from the Group “Dawn Studios OG”

and im earning 5% of revenue?

I am honestly very confused and the support emails don’t make this better.



I got the same message when I submitted my first DevEx. They approved it the second time I did it.

If you’ve received punishments such as bans you may be affected in cashing out as well, but these should be automatically removed from record between 90 days and 3 years.

Earned robux is counted from selling game passes or developer products, including premium payouts, so if you got most of your revenue from clothes Roblox might see that as “not earned” since it can easily be botted.

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Its earned from group % that has a game and all revenue comes from game passes in the game


Have you submitted a tax form as well? (W-8 or W-9)? If you’ve submitted this with incorrect information that might be the issue.


well i can submit that because that comes with the tiptali portal account, and this is my first time so i still havent been invited to the login

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Did your account has never been warned or Banned for some days?

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Banned only for 1 day couple months ago

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This is the reason then, Moderation history must be clear

(Basically when you receive a warn or ban you can say bye for some year to the ability to do DevEx)

Possible Solution:

  • Try to do an appeal
  • Wait some year

A whole year? I also got a 1 day ban back in September for bad language. I’d have until next September to DevEx?

I have a 1-day ban (thats still on my record) for scamming on a thumbnail. Do they count things like that as scamming?

No, DevEx eligibility is determined by thereason you were moderated. You don’t need to be clean to DevEx and I don’t know why you sent a picture that you didn’t even read.

Likely not.

Scamming is generally more severe, but whether or not you can cash out depends on the severity.


Does this mean I won’t be able to devex? I was once banned because my friend added “Ultimate trolling gui” from the toolbox. Someone else said it had “sus” content, but how were we supposed to know? I can’t try to appeal this because roblox rejects everything.

can you elaborate more on bans being removed from record? I requested my moderation history a little while ago and they still have a warning I got in 2018 on record.

The guide above mentions that only “Earned” robux can be converted to money.

Under: Earned Robux & DevEx Rates section, you can read on what is considered “earned.” (composed of bona fide sales of virtual items/clothing.)

Check if you qualify

Roblox is certainly harsher with the Ultimate Trolling GUI, so I understand your concern. I think that depends on the length of the ban and how long ago it was.

It’s been a year, 7 day ban -------

I did mention all the money was earned under the group Dawn Studios OG from the game we have…