Roblox Kindness Community

Welcome to Roblox Kindness Community!

“Kindness matters, and so does your character.”

About Us

We are Roblox Kindness Community (RKC), a community/club on Roblox working to spread kindness across the platform!

We have lots of fun while spreading kindness. One day we could be playing a game while making friends and meeting awesome Robloxians, and the next day we could be having a dance party!

All Robloxians are accepted and welcomed here. We want to spread kindness to everybody on the platform.

  • No hate speech anywhere.
  • No bullying or hate to anyone.
  • Be kind and respectful.
  • Commonsense should be used. If something seems wrong, don’t do it.
  • Do not spam or advertise.
  • Rules include these, but rules are not limited to these.
Punishment For Not Following Rules

Light Bypass - 1-day ban
Tiny Bypass - 2-day ban
Small Bypass - 5-day ban
Medium-Small Bypass - 1-week ban
Medium Bypass - 2-week ban
Medium Large Bypass - 3-week ban
Large Bypass - 5-week ban
Extremely Large And Harsh Bypass - 10-week ban
Bypass That Strongly Breaks Our And Roblox’s Rules - One year ban

Interested in spreading kindness? Join the group. All members can host kindness events. Let’s spread kindness together. It’s the least we can do the make Roblox a better place.