Roblox Knit, Wait for signal

-- Code is client but service is server (Obviously)

OUTPUT: attempt to call a nil value – The Wait() Line

The Fire() Works but the Wait() doesn’t, It says on the Github page that this is a function though?

I just need a way to wait for signal to be received client sided.

Try switching the fire and wait lines. The wait is there to “wait” until the fire has been sent, and then execute the command. Not the other way around.

Since I have access to the whole script Anon was using, I’ll post the solution here for anyone else having a similar problem.
When calling Knit.CreateSignal(), it does not create a Signal class that’s packaged with Knit or that’s a part of RobloxUtil, it creates a RemoteSignal class.

The error is being thrown because RemoteSignal does not implement :Wait().

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