Roblox Library Megathread

Post dev-crunch clarity speaking… Here we go:


The library as it is now does more bad than it does good, seriously… Go take a look if you disagree.

These are all script backdoors or contain malicious “infection” scripts. These prey on new developers who are trying to learn the ropes of the platform.


Merge Models and Meshes into a “3D” section. This section cannot contain any scripts of any kind. No backdoors, no hidden malicious code, nothing. Upon inserting a 3D model, they should automatically be filtered so that any non-3D related objects are removed.

This would allow newer developers the confidence of being able to use 3D assets without the risk of infecting their game with malicious code.

A new “Scripts” section should be dedicated to open source code (with vetted developers similar to the Plugin Marketplace and the archaic Model Maker program) being allowed to post featured scripts and modules that appear as special trust-worthy sources. Roblox could actually merge the vetting process for Plugin Creators with Library Script creators to reduce manual labor during vetting.


Q: But poster! Won’t this make it harder for new developers to learn, since they can’t experiment with scripted free models?

A: OBJECTION! In my opinion, there are no longer any feasible free models to experiment with. The current Models library is overrun with admin commands and infected models. New developers shouldn’t have to filter through this ocean of malicious intent just to experiment and learn how to use the platform.

Instead fully functioning prefabs (like game examples, scripted vehicles, etc) should all be provided through the devhub (DevHub | Roblox). This way, developers can actually learn synchronously while exploring already coded assets. I understand many of us have nostalgia for learning Roblox through free models, but the Roblox we grew up on isn’t the same one today. Modern problems require modern solutions.

Q: Wouldn’t it be impossible to remove all the scripts from pre existing models? That sounds like a lot of work!

A: This functionality can be built into the Roblox Studio toolbox instead of some overcomplicated web API pass. All previous models will still be able to be inserted, they will simply be stripped of any code when users decide to import them. Roblox could even add an option to retain scripts from previous models if legacy support is really that important (although I personally disagree with this).

In my opinion, burn it all and start anew!

Q: How will this synergize with Roblox’s upcoming features and general vision for the platform?

A: I have absolutely no idea! Someone more qualified than I am should answer this in a reply.


The current Roblox Library is harming the new developer experience and turning away the potential next generation of developers. This has long needed change and this proposal sounds like the easiest from a technical perspective. I bet a client intern and a web intern could team up and do this!

If you have any feedback, or better ideas, please reply to this post!


The Official Model Maker program was a really good attempt at trying to tackle this issue when it was starting to become one. Sadly, Roblox dropped this for whatever reason.

The same point in the thread you made can be said for the clothing catalog - it’s all copies of the same asset over and over for illegitimate intention.

A lot of people struggle to use the toolbox as a learning resource when all it does is make their games vulnerable to exploitation. I know Roblox do moderate these assets but they’re slow to respond to the issue and it doesn’t really fix anything - as the code is already in peoples games.

To credit Roblox, they have added new features such as HTTP permissions, etc. which is a step forward but it would be nice to focus on the actual toolbox itself.


These are great ideas! Our team is working extremely hard to vastly improve both the Library experience and the in-Studio Marketplace experience. We know that there are some malicious assets showing up in high visibility areas BUT we also know that our community has built some awesome models, plugins and more so we are working on a series of discovery improvements to highlight those in the search and sorts! Thanks for the other ideas and keep your eyes peeled for changes coming soon! :eyes: