Roblox Lighting Doesn't work for me

Hello, for the past few weeks the lighting on Roblox studio has not been working. I am relatively new, but added effects like Depth of field. And when I did, they simply did not work the settings are all correct, even the shadows in shadow map seem to have been decreased heavily. I can’t figure out what the problem is, do I have some kind of mistake in the settings? I checked everything.


You won’t be able to see most effects while editing in Studio. You have to play the game or test it in Studio with a decent computer.

Depth of field and certain other effects only show with high graphics settings so change it to manual and put it to max if your computer is able to handle it and then you will see the effects.


Okay i’ll try it, my PC is pretty decent.

Thats odd, I thought that changing the quality levels in studio via settings will do the trick? Is there a reason why they limit the effects in studio?

Oops I forgot about those settings! I’ve just been coping with it being lower in Studio when not testing. Makes it a bit quicker on my PC anyway. Just tested and everything shows up with these manually set to max.

@ArcticStarfall try the settings in 3rdhoan123’s reply - worked for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Those settings are the same as mine, the quality levels are both 21 (however, the graphics mode were Direct 3D9)

Oh my goodness it finally worked thank you so much.

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