Roblox-like Ui for games

After making this topic : [Button Pack for Plugins (+MORE)]

I thought why not make a game with only widgets/plugin elements
It currently looks like this (the accurary is 100% for now):

Now i want know what you guys think of this
Personally i think this might be a unique UI and it can be really good for advanced building games, script executor and roblox studio replication (like RetroStudio)

  • Awful Idea, The ui sucks!
  • Brilliant Idea, The ui is great
  • Decent ui and the idea is meh
  • None of the above (reply)

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“Wrong Category! It should be in Developer Diccusion or Creations Feedback”

I may create a game using this ui if people approve and let me know if that’s a good idea

download link pls?

roblox ui.rbxm (68.9 KB)

It’s not even finished!

Why would you want make a game with only that?

To be brutally honest, the ui doeent look like roblox besides the colors.

Anyway, don’t give up.

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• Good Job! •

That’s a very neat design and would fit plugins very well. Makes me curious about the final results and what that would do in your game! :eyes:

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