Roblox limited scam, article on DevForum disappeared?

So, I was just browsing the DevForum, minding my own business, when I saw an article about a roblox limited item scam. I was hooked! I knew exactly what they were talking about because I caught all of it in multiple screenshots!

These are the screenshots I took

I am at work right now, so my internet is very bad. But I remember specifically the topic being new, and the color of the category it was in was brown. I was going to send the original author these screenshots, but the article disappeared! Was it deleted? We need to stop these types of scams, I’m sure the people behind this specific scam is a group that can all be banned. I’m not really concerned with stopping them, I just want to find the original article! Thanks.


Im pretty sure there is a post in #lounge about this, however it was mostly just people making fun of the guy doing it and wasting his time :stuck_out_tongue:


If you receive any message like that, it’s just people wasting their time. If roblox planners to terminate account they don’t even give warnings before it.

I thought it was more of a limited item scam, and they are trying to get my roblosecurity

If the category colour was brown, then it was posted to #bulletin-board. Posting these kinds of threads there isn’t allowed, use the Report Abuse feature to raise issues about users on the website.

@LuaBearyGood Is that a recent thread or are you referring to this one from 2 years ago, assuming you’ve scrolled that far back in Lounge?



I didn’t scroll that far back, but someone linked it recently in a post discussing scam messages.

That is probably why it disappeared.

Aude seems to be the one lad who does a lot of the message scams.

Given this line of Discord’s TOS: "We may utilize a variety of means to block spammers and abusers from using the Service. " We could petition for the account to be deleted. Not like that would stop him, but you know, good times.

I’ve got this exact rap increase notice. Its clearly a scam, they don’t have an administrator badge, and they asked me to share my screen with them on Discord. They gave me the tag with Aude.

edit: blocked me on discord and roblox when I had called them out about the scam, a long time ago

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KonekoKitten made a video about this last year. It seems that they are coming back with a new format. trust me this is not a rick roll. :slight_smile: