Roblox Limiteds Buy-Order System

As Roblox is focusing a lot more on Limiteds, why don’t we have a “Buy Order” system similar to the one on the Steam Marketplace? I, alongside quite a few other people, believe it would be not only helpful, but benefit the Roblox economy.

Below is a reference for how it could look like:


The “Buy Order” feature will work as follows:
1.) If somebody sells the Dominus at 6,750,000 Robux, the amount Yourius is willing to pay, the Dominus will automatically be sold to Yourius and deducts 6.75M Robux from his account, giving the Robux to whoever sold their Dominus.

1a.) If somebody sold the item at 6.7M, the amount qliz is willing to pay, the Dominus will be given to whoever placed the order first. If Yourius placed the “Buy Order” first, he will automatically receive the Dominus first and 6.7M will be taken from his account.

1c.) If, for some reason, the person wishes to specifically to sell it to qliz, they can press the “Sell” button next to qliz’s offer.

2.) If somebody decides to be a whimsical little fellow and sells it for 6,756,756 Robux, a literal 0.1% difference in price, it doesn’t meet the requirement for Yourius, the person with the highest offer, to automatically buy it.

However, considering it’s such literally a 0.1% difference in price, I think that when you create a “Buy Order”, it should automatically ask if they want to notified of a % difference from their “Buy Order”. Just in case if somebody wants to get rather whimsical.

Of course, if they don’t wish to, they don’t have to say they do. However, if they wish to be notified, and somebody does sell it for a small % difference, they should get notified similar in a way to shown below:

3.) Goes without say, but if for any reason Yourius has less than 6.75M Robux, it should automatically remove his offer.

How will it help the economy?

For those curious on how it will help the economy, I will clarify that as simply as I can.

Knowing the roundabout the price people will pay for an item can better help players understand the economy and give players who want to sell their item, but unsure what the best pricepoint may be to sell it at, the opportunity to learn what to expect to both sell or pay for an item.

Also, instead of players having to constantly check the price or ask “Hey, can anybody sell [insert Limited example here] at [insert price here]?” to anybody who has the item, they can just give what a fair price, with consideration to the item’s value, that they’re willing to pay and see whether somebody will sell it at that price, making the process of acquiring and selling an item much easier, creating much more fair transactions and potentially less undersellings, giving players the fair and proper value of an item.

Lastly, people who want to purchase an item will not have to constantly check whether they item is selling at the maximum amount they’re willing to pay for it, but can just give their offer and somebody can take it up on it, and also, potentially mesasge them on Roblox negotiating the price, making the process of acquiring and selling Limiteds much more easier and vibrant.

Thank you @ImJustZAZC for helping by writing all of this. Here’s the original tweet I made regarding requesting the feature:


I strongly agree with this, I think this feature would be beneficial to everyone, I agree with all the points made


This feature will for sure help get people to request what they want to buy on the marketplace. This is the best suggestion ever! :fire::fire_engine:


Loved this suggestion and it was an honor writing this, thank you for posting this!


My only issue with this is how it can affect the RAP (Recent Average Pricing) of limited accessories as someone could specify to a friend to buy their limiteds for an abysmally low price, thereby dropping the RAP of the limited. While RAP doesn’t really hold a substantial place in trading, there is the likelihood this could affect viewpoints on some limiteds (not all), especially UGC limiteds when they become tradeable. I think that besides this, it seems like a reasonably fair way to actively keep users engaged into the market without it being overbearing. This could potentially help newer users who aren’t comfortable downloading plug-ins or are using browsers with no supportive plug-ins. I think as long as purchases made through buy-orders aren’t considered substantial to the limiteds RAP, then it’s a perfectly fine feature.


Definitely something to consider, but I think a simple solution would be only listing the top 10 buy orders at a time or adding a dynamic minimum buy order price based on the average price of other currently posted buy orders


This is a great idea. Roblox has been trying to emulate the real world, and this behavior you propose is similar to that of the stock market.


I only have one thing to say…



Saw this on Twitter too, I fully support it. Ive wished for this kind of feature for a while now.


Valid, Imo @qliz provided a decent solution

Here are a bunch of other solutions I’m thinking of:

We can just hide the users so no one knows just like this (and only show top 5 prices, but no users) and people wont be able to sell to their friends directly back & fourth just like in this example. If a user wanted to sell an item to their friend for specifically 101 robux then theres also the chance that itll sell to someone else who likely put a buy order for the same specific prices so most people wont bother risking it. Because no one knows if there is like 3 other listings for the price of 727 Robux. Considering its a site for millions of active users I wouldn’t be surprised.

Another solution and this one may be more subjective but personally I feel like as time goes on RAP is becoming less useful and eventually it’ll be completely useless (Community does the value stuff better). The price of an item and demand / history of sales should provide the average player with more than enough information to determine the value of an item. The rap can be extremely misleading at times and often led to people being scammed more than anything (Projecteds). So it’s best that Roblox takes their hand off of determining value of items and let community handle that completely.


Would love to see something like this, especially with the route that limiteds have been going these past couple of months!


Ya but this is abused in the current form anyways because people use bots to buy when there’s price differences and that’s why steam implemented this. + the average price is also a dumb concept and instead there should only be a chart and current price


Yes! I completely forgot that at some point there was a bot that its purpose was to sell stuff for super low price and buy it. Mass lowering the rap for several items.

Keep in mind AFAIK this happened several times in the past.


Original tweet


I’m a huge fan of this idea and have been wanting this for years!! I think the implemenation Steam’s marketplace has is wonderful. Seeing this added on Roblox for Limited items, especially given the fact that all accessories will soon be Limited, would be really beneficial for everyone. It would make it extremely convenient for owners of items to quickly liquidate items they don’t want anymore, and IMO would increase the amount of resale activity.


yeah that would be a good feature


LLPing attack methods have already been patched on Roblox ever since the pending update for trading, and selling limited items. This is no longer a problem today.


this would be amazing. really helpful and less time consuming.

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