Roblox Loading Screen is Stuck

So I have this Airport place. When trying to load in it just gets stuck on loading screen ( ) I have been waiting for 5 minutes+

If I try to test in studio it just freezes at 0fps after the loading screen is gone. I have no clue why it just keeps freezing.

My PC specs are:
16gb DDR4 RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
and a 3.30 Ghz (planning to upgrade) CPU

I have a fast internet connection with 100ms+ upload and download speed.

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I guesd the map is too huge or something for the server to crash. Maybe your specs are the problem too. But AFAIK Roblox crashed yesterday for me too, so it might be just the servers.

Wrong category, please contact @Bug-Support.

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Thanks, I will try to reduce the model count.

It does load in now but once I am in the game it freezes, again.
also by pressing ALT+R it shows me that 99% of the FPS arent used or cant be used

Contact @Bug-Support? I don’t have a solution for this.

Don’t contact bug reports for every minor thing such as a game loading for a long time, also don’t @ them as you’ve now sent a notification to them.

It could be other factors such as memory that could be the problem also Roblox is capped to 60 fps.

The Solution was some FM, after I removed it it worked fine.