Roblox location status

Well I’ve been looking around tinkering seeing what I can add to my rohub place and well once I was on studio I’ve came across this little error not very sure what it was anymore and got a link where if I go on it and simply change the place Id it’ll say for an example

[ Online: Studio - Crystal Raider Update Testing ]

While I am actually not in that place on roblox studio it allows you to change your status I recommend for you guys to patch this asap


I reported a similar bug like this one a long, long time ago.
They won’t patch this and/or this isn’t very important for them to fix.

The problem is that we trust the client to give us accurate information about online location. The server should responsible for that.

In the case of play solo or studio, we either need to:

  1. Not display the specific place and just display that a user is ‘In Studio’
  2. Validate that the user is authorized to open the place in Studio, and if not, reject what the client just told us.

tl;dr Clients shouldn’t be telling Roblox which place they are in: servers should manage that.

I don’t think it’s important, let it go.