Roblox login api

Can someone explain how to use api

I am trying to figure this out myself, but so far, here is what I have learned:
BTW this only covers the captcha fields.

  • ctype is an Enum value. [‘Email’ = 0, ‘Username’ = 1, ‘PhoneNumber’ = 2, ‘EmailOtpSessionToken’ = 3, ‘AuthToken’ = 4]
  • cvalue is the email, username, or phone number.
  • password is just the password to the account, nothing special.
  • userId is an optional field, but self-explanatory.
  • captchaId is the captcha id given to you by Roblox, I think at least.
  • captchaToken is provided by funcaptcha after a puzzle completion.
  • captchaProvider should be PROVIDER_ARKOSE_LABS because Roblox uses funcaptcha.
  • challengeId is provided by either Roblox or funcaptcha, I am not too sure yet.
  • Finally, make sure you use an x-csrf-token in headers when making requests to this endpoint.

If anyone would like to correct me, please go ahead as I am still learning about the API myself. If you have any questions, please reply and I will try my best to answer. I hope this helps!