Roblox & Loot Boxes


I don’t want to be “that person” but since no one brought this up I had to.

So I am pretty sure we all know that Loot Boxes are Illegal in some countries and seems to be deemed controversial.

I’m pretty sure all of us (if not most) would like to know how Roblox will react to Loot Boxes and what kind of changes do we need to make as Developers.

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We’ve talked about this in the past here, here, here, and other occasions I can’t be bothered to find right now. All these links are private to you however since you are a new member. The general consensus is to let Roblox deal with it, not us. If Roblox makes rules against it we must comply, but for now just let Roblox handle it.


I did search for Threads about this but I didn’t find any because again I’m a “New Member”

Thank you for letting me know about this.

I like Loot Boxes so I’m not against it at all it’s just that I feel like as a Game Developer using Roblox as a platform for my game I need to know what Roblox is going to do next, I don’t want to find out that Loot Boxes aren’t allowed on Roblox anymore after I just finished making it.

So Loot Boxes are allowed on Roblox for the time being? @Kampfkarren




What you could do is make a feature for players to be able to obtain loot boxes without having to spend robux so if Roblox eventually does tell us devs to remove the robux option we can still have them in game as a reward system for an activity players can do. That way you don’t necessarily have to remove them completely, just change how they are obtained.


A lot of games’ entire business model is loot crates, rightfully so considering they’re extremely profitable. This isn’t a catch all answer.


I was just saying if Roblox tells us to stop doing loot boxes because of gambling, we can actually still use them as long as we make them freely obtainable as an earned reward in the game through an activity, instead of purchasable through Robux. Sure that would upset people who use loot boxes as a way to earn Robux to DevEx but going based on:

I was just making a point that you don’t have to remove the concept of loot boxes entirely. Just remove the gambling aspect of it.


Right, that sounds great!

I am already doing this actually,

You can buy Loot Boxes with R$ or in game currency that is obtained Freely and all of the percentages are disclosed and you can buy individual items if you don’t want to buy Loot Boxes, or to say shorty that Loot Boxes doesn’t effect game play at all it’s just an extra option.

So I guess I am on the right track. :+1: