ROBLOX Mesh Collision Issues

I’ve heard of the mesh collision issues when you import a mesh, but I’m not importing a mesh. I’m using ROBLOX’s SpecialMesh to make a part a sphere, to make hills.
Any help is much appreciated!

You need to either make the hit box yourself or use a mesh part. using the method you have used would have no collision. (So you would go right through the mesh and not walk on it)


So I should mesh them in something like Blender or C4D, then?

If you only need a sphere then cant you just use the normal sphere part in Roblox? If that is not an option then you could make one in blender. You could also take a look in the free meshes on roblox.

I’m using the mesh spheres so I can adjust the size to make different sized hills. (adjust on only one axis). But yeah, I’ll look at some toolbox ones.