Roblox messaged me about UserDataStore deletion, but the deadline is near

I have just gotten a message from ROBLOX saying that I need to delete a certain userdatastore in one of my 500 games that I have.

The message was sent june 4th, and its june 25th. (I’m usually not active on roblox due to optional online school)

I’m concerned on what I should do since, I have about 200-500 games, (rough estimate).

I’m afraid that if I don’t find the game that has the datastore soon… My account that I had on 2015 with awesome memories will be banned from the roblox platform.

Please, if you are a Roblox staff or someone who happens to know how I can deal with this please reply to this forum… Thank you so much.

I’m not a scripter, I’m a builder that has no idea on how to deal with this issue.

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You have something inappropriate on that DataStore? And I don’t think it should be under Scripting Support.

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try reading that
don’t panic

(just read the solution)


Now, you could use CrazyMan’s plugin, and that will speed up the process.


I don’t believe they would delete your account. A company like Roblox must understand that people have other stuff to do and searching for the data from 200-500 games is almost impossible. I don’t believe EU would fine you either. And imagine big games like Adopt Me and Jailbreak, they probably get those requests daily due to their game size and finding all of that data from a game of that size is impossible, so if Roblox would be 100% strict with this many big games would’ve been banned already. So don’t fear, they ain’t gonna do anything to your account.


What category could I submit this to then? There isn’t a lot of options on here on submitting appeals, and getting help for userdatastoring. I just used scripting support since datastores falls in the scripting category.

Thank you I just wrote another request to them.