Roblox Mobile Sponsors Visits Tracking / Conversion Rates are Broken

Roblox Sponsors on Phone & Tablet are broken when displaying the Visits & Conversion Rates.


5 Days Ago:

These two use the exact same icon and thumbnail, yet for some reason, I’m getting practically 0 visits. However, I’m fairly sure I am actually getting people to play the game, due to what I can see on Creator Dashboard, it’s just not tracking.

More Examples:

This also seems to be occurring no matter what demographics you try targeting, but only on Phone & Tablet.

Expected behavior

It should correctly show the amount of visits you’re getting.


Just confirming that I’m seeing this too across multiple campaigns/games.


The same is happening to me, although with Console sponsors. My CPC is about the normal (compared to previous days), while the CPP shown is terrible.
This is the second day that this is happening.

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Hi there, thanks for the report.

Our internal team has found the root cause and has mitigated the issue. Please note that this is purely a reporting issue that affected conversions specifically. Campaigns were still generating conversions, but these were not being reported on the UI. Now that the issue is resolved, all future conversions will be reported accurately.

We have determined that the issue started on October 9th around 2pm, and we are looking into remediation options for campaigns that were running during this time. Thanks for your patience!


There seems to be another issue with sponsors.

Since yesterday, my CPP has risen extremely. The game didnt change at all.
This cant be normal, im sure there is something wrong.

It is also happening to my friends game:

Link to my game (pic 1):

Uhm, CPP’s are based on Visits not reporting correctly. That’s the same bug.

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CPP is a function of the reported Attributed Visits count, so it would be artificially high due to the missing counts. However, this should be fixed along with the original bug as of today. The true CPP will appear once we finish remediating the missing data.

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I just ran sponsors again and it’s still not fixed.

Hey. Issue isn’t fixed today. I’m assuming those with higher CPPs than usual are running mixed splits across 13-17 and 17+ demographics. I believe the 17+ demographic isn’t reporting conversions, though I haven’t ran a test to ascertain this for sure yet.

We have finished backfilling the missing Attributed Visits data for campaigns that were running during the time of the outage. The counts displayed should now accurately reflect the conversions that your ad received. Thanks for your patience!

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Hi, the issue still appears to exist, I test yestoday for 23 hours, it shows 72 clicks but only 2 visits.

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Hi everyone, for those who were still experiencing an issue with conversions, there was a separate issue that involved a delay in some of the data being reported. There were no problems with the data itself and the reporting is now all caught up. Please let us know if you see any other issues. Thanks!