Roblox Modeling Censorship

Hi everyone,

I’ve been confused about Roblox censorship for a while considering that some words are hashtagged, while others that mean the same exact thing aren’t. This hasn’t really been a huge worry for me until recently that I’ve been working on my game.

I have a 3D modeler who is making armors for me and doing an amazing job, and one of them had some breasts that were included in the outfit. Obviously the safest route is not to include armor like that at all taking into consideration Roblox’s very random censorship, however this begs the question, what exactly is allowed? I’m always open for adding different styles of armor, names of locations or other things. However an example of my worry getting in the way of development would be getting moderation action being taken against my account. After all, I got my account suspended for calling a place a “Tavern”. I had to change the name to “Inn” afterwords but the point was that I was worried about what might get my game taken down, or even worst, my account suspended again or even banned.

If anyone has a clear idea of what things are and aren’t allowed for armor or any other images, please share. I’ve had roblox delete moderate different single color ui shapes that i’ve made as well so any clarity on what I can’t or shouldn’t upload would be great. Also, would my 3D modeler be able to continue creating armor like the one shown below, or should I tell him to make all his armors flat?


I look forward to hearing your responses,


It may have been they picked up the exposed skin on the armour parts in a place where the system thinks it should be covered, hence the moderation action. Just update the armour to be flat and that’s the only thing sadly.

Roblox aimed to be safe for children and often target lists modellers they think are going to do smth bad. Times where a simple google search with some interesting stuff appear on the front page can literally get your whole life career ruined, even if the results were just jokes.

Take some memes, some of them have come to a conclusion of being banned just because they overreacted with the text and thought it was offencive, even thought out can just bring it to those people, and they won’t be offended one bit.

In a nutshell, Roblox moderation go bang bang when they see anything

  • With cleavage, or gender associated parts
  • Random memes, we don’t know
  • Something that you think is funny

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