Roblox moderation keeps rejecting my innocent decals, what now?

Hi there,

I am currently working on a project with a few others, it is a build to survive lava game. We’re adding a unboxing mechanic with blocks. We agreed on making a Minecraft-themed box called “Retro”. Everything worked fine so far.

Now when I want to upload the Jukebox top decal, it keeps getting rejected by moderation. I uploaded it twice and both were denied within the first minute. How do I get my decal approved?


Making it not look like the Minecraft Jukebox top would probably help quite a bit, as I’m sure they’re trained to identify these things immediately. Not only would you solve this problem, but you’d also give the jukebox an identity that you now own.

I’d also stress that you avoid a “mincraft-themed” anything, as that is copyrighted material that’s known world-wide.

Have some jukebox buttons, dials, tune notes and whatnot to give it its own identity. Try to avoid text with something as small as this.

The decal is created by me, it’s not a direct replica of the Minecraft textures. The other assets I made were all allowed by Roblox. But this one is considered to be “inappropriate”

As @Locard previously said, try adding a bit more detail. Maybe it’ll get approved. Try not making it blank.

I mean for this specific decal I can see why the auto mod could flag it. I mean there’s not a whole lot you can do except change up the decal

Regardless of whether it was made by you, simplified a bit, or if you’ve succeeded in uploading it in the past; you should understand that you’re utilizing someone else’s creative property to benefit yourself and/or your team. But that’s not the topic at hand here.

Just like I said, try giving it its own identity. Spice it up a bit to signify that it is “a” jukebox and not “the” jukebox from Minecraft.


I used your idea and just rotated the image by 90°, now it is no longer “the” jukebox but “a” jukebox. Surprisingly this actually worked.

You still missed the point I was making entirely, but I’m happy to hear your issue was resolved. :slight_smile:

Please try to make an understanding of what I’ve been trying to tell you in the future. Intellectual property deserves respect. Use your own creations instead of building off of others. Simply rotating it by 90° and calling it unique or simple isn’t going to cut it in the real world.

Good luck to you and your team. :+1:

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You can’t copyright a brick with a low resolution texture, that’s not really too unique.

My goal isn’t to steal ideas of others, we just want to make a block box inspirited by Minecraft since a lot of kids enjoy Minecraft

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